Smile. You just helped your favorite charity.

Amazon has launched a program where they will donate 0.5% of your purchases to a charity of your choice with absolutely no extra work on you. What an awesome way to support a good cause.

To sign up for the program, simply visit and choose a charity. Amazon recommends a few of the more well known charities, but don’t be afraid to support a local charity. The list of charities is intimidating, I chose Austin Pets Alive but Amazon kindly reminds you that you can always change your charity.

I hope people take spend the 2 minutes to activate this. Here’s the catch, we all know it’s habit to type, so if you’re a chrome user, there’s a plugin for you. It’s called Switcheroo.

You can install this plugin and have it redirect to automatically (even in Google.)

I chose Austin Pets Alive as my charity. What’s yours?

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